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An easy to learn, fast-paced 1v1 strategy card game created for all aspiring wizards

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Through the success of the Kickstarter, we learned that the name Wizard Duel was encroaching on someone's trademark.  In order to do the right thing and not step on their IP, we renamed the game to the the most important location in this wizard universe - Arcaven. 

Wizard Duel vs Arcaven's Duel?

Wizard Duel
Arcaven's Duel?

It includes all the same magic, just a new name on the card!


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Can you win

Arcaven's Duel?

While building a deck of more powerful spells to win the duel

Using Speed and Strategy

is a 1v1 card game where you cast spells and vaporize your opponent

*from the creator who may or may not share a Deep Thought

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*predict which spell they'll cast, and your power grows stronger!

The cards have spells that you cast against your opponent

You can learn to play in 4 minutes

Over 689 backers from 23 countries

Funded on Kickstarter in under 5 hours

And wants to bring people together through game play

Created by a 12 year old who wants to inspire kids to use creativity

Arcaven's Duel

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√ Vaporize your friend

√ It takes 4 minutes to learn (but you'll be practicing spells in your dreams)

√ wizard friendly

(don't worry, no friendships have ever been destroyed while playing this game)

your friend.


to the Lock Deck.


15 minutes to play

2 players

Ages 8+


A card game for humans who love wizards and dueling and vaporizing friends with a supernova

Arcaven's Duel:
Base game + Upgrade Expansion


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Before the Duel

Long ago in the land of                  , all wizards had almost unlimited power. Each wizard’s power was rooted in the elements, but they could also cast many more powerful spells, each with the ability to cause great destruction.
But then, three wizards realized that these spells had too much power - they took all the most powerful spells and sealed them away in the Locked Realm, leaving only the basic spells for the wizarding community to use.

Centuries later, two great wizards emerged who were the best of friends. But as their power grew, the world around them began to divide into two opposing factions. Their friendship crumbling to enmity, they were thrown into conflict as leaders of the enemy groups. Through this conflict, the Key was discovered and the hunt for the Locked Realm unfolded.


This Development Card helps fortify your position. Increase your health (heart tokens), gain charges or even set actions for future hands!


This Adaptive cards' powers can shift based on your opponent's spell. They allow you to select which spell power you want to use AFTER you've played it. 


The Attack cards have spells that take damage (heart tokens) away from your opponent. The more damage, the more Charge Cost.


3 Card Types

Race your opponent to gain access to the lock deck. Within, find more powerful spells that when played correctly, could gain you the victory.  12 cards await you in the lock deck.  These are a few...



Super Charge

Time Travel



The Lock Deck

upgrade your game play with this set of more powerful spells. The Expansion pack comes with 17 additional cards. These are a few.

Upgrade Expansion Deck

Cori j.

"A clever and adaptable game; can't wait to see more from this maker!"

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"Get this game for all your friends, we love it!"

Sam D.

"I love playing Wizard Duel with my brothers!"


Seeking magic in everything we do

Hi, I invented Arcaven's Duel and I'm in 7th grade

I created Arcaven's Duel for people who always wanted to live in the wizardry world.

About a year ago, I sketched out the basic elements and spells on a paper from school. I showed it to my family, and we started playing it a bunch. Ironically enough, I lost most of the time. But I noticed that people loved playing it and being together...it sparked something!

I have created 5 games and I believe that games can bring people together. There is a spark that happens when people laugh and play.  I want to give as many people that spark as I can!